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Build value into your software with state-of-the-art server solutions and IT support from RaiseTech. We help businesses every day discover the perfect blend of software, hardware, and cloud services that drive growth and innovation.

What Are Server Management Services

Effective server management is all about being proactive. IT consulting and server services empower businesses to secure, maintain, monitor, and optimize their digital infrastructure with the latest and greatest technologies that set them up for sustained growth.

  • Cloud Server Solutions
    Cloud Server Solutions
    Making the digital leap to the cloud is inevitable, so why not employ the best tools at your disposal to tackle this challenge? Implement cloud server solutions from leading providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google to transform your software infrastructure and legacy systems.
  • Server Side Web Services
    Server Side Web Services
    Setting up robust infrastructure in the public cloud with AWS, Azure, etc., or on a private cloud platform in your company’s data center is no simple undertaking. Dedicated IT experts offer the guidance and execution you need to develop new system architecture and configure servers appropriately.
  • Server Optimization Service
    Server Optimization Service
    When it comes to performance and security, there is always room for improvement. From systematic server monitoring solutions and performance tuning to configuration tweaks, database cluster setups, and more–there is an array of optimization techniques IT consultants can use to maximize your servers’ value.
  • Server Migration Service
    Server Migration Service
    Transferring data from one server to another, whether during a more extensive migration or simply to facilitate a security update, requires highly-specialized expertise and skillsets to avoid data loss. Server migrations can range from a few days to a few weeks depending on the amount of data and the engineers tasked with managing the migration.
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Benefits of Outstaffing IT Server Consulting Services

At its core, IT is a constantly evolving and ongoing process. Businesses can’t just implement IT server solutions one day and forget about them the next. Outstaffing your implementation, management, and support activities to highly-skilled IT consultants ultimately guarantees your software availability over the lifetime of your business.

Full-Cycle Innovation
Full-Cycle Innovation
Graduating from software concept to real-deal product takes thoughtful planning and niche, sometimes industry-specific, IT expertise. RaiseTech’s IT professionals offer businesses end-to-end software architecture and design solutions that fuel growth.
Improved Efficiency
Improved Efficiency
Count on RaiseTech to craft a comprehensive IT plan based on your unique business goals and technical capabilities. We’ll recommend technologies, optimizations, and automated processes to boost productivity and make your team (and software) more efficient.
Expanded Tech Team
Expanded Tech Team
Outstaff your IT consulting services to RaiseTech altogether or augment your existing tech team with much-needed expertise. Either way, RaiseTech delivers passionate, skilled team members who can communicate and collaborate with your crew to build transformative software solutions.
Dual Savings
Dual Savings
Smart IT investments not only save you money through the use of cheaper, faster tools, but they also lower your risk for costly bugs and expensive issues. Our competitive IT server management and support fees make sense for businesses looking to capitalize on the outstaffing model.

Exceptional Client Experience

As a leading IT consulting company, RaiseTech knows how vital clear communication, transparency, and responsiveness are to a productive partnership. We have built a strong reputation on our breadth of server services and our commitment to making sure our clients are successful.

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Learn how award-winning server administration services from RaiseTech provided crucial support for our clients when they needed it most.

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