Cloud Native Architecture

Cloud computing architecture services offer a streamlined approach for managing your company’s needs, ensuring all your solutions are scalable, sustainable, reliable, and secure. Let RaiseTech’s staff of talented engineers work with you to analyze your project specifications and design a system that will scale with your growing business.

Why Cloud Architecture Design Services?

A cloud-based solution is not simply a hosted version of an on-premise solution. There are significant differences in the architecture approach that must be considered to maximize performance, minimize costs, and ensure the successful rollout of your project.

  • Automation
    Designing for automation from the beginning means creating repeatable processes that work every time or fail and roll back to a safe state. Automated monitoring can be set up to watch for issues, send alerts, and trigger automatic responses. If traffic is spiking, automated systems can dynamically increase capacity or deploy additional resources, so your site continues to run smoothly. Then, once the load subsides, resources can be halted and capacity reduced to keep your bill as small as possible. Cloud providers prioritize effort on APIs (application programming interfaces), allowing for automated programmatic control of all their services.
  • Stateless Solutions
    Stateless Solutions
    When possible, building a solution that doesn’t store state allows you to optimize resources for the cloud’s load-balanced and scalable environment. If a service needs to keep track of everything that a user was recently doing to serve them the correct content, the user must keep communicating with the same service. If that service is stateless, then a user can talk to any of dozens of copies over their browsing session without experiencing any difference. If one fails, it can be replaced without losing session data. Stateless services are easy to upgrade and easy to roll back if there is a problem.
  • Managed Services
    Managed Services
    Cloud providers tend to offer a plethora of managed services, including setting up a virtual machine and installing a database on it. Now you have a database in the cloud, but you are the one managing it. Cloud providers offer managed services, like databases designed to be fast, reliable, and scalable. Let your provider take on the management of these services and save yourself the hassle. Besides databases, you can find CI/CD pipelines, messaging services, file storage, and much more.
  • Security and Resilience
    Security and Resilience
    A side effect of being in the cloud means being more open to security threats. As a result, cloud-based services must be designed to not trust anything by default. Each component must communicate using encryption with other components and enable the minimum level of trust possible. All data should be checked for script injections and, if possible, apply rate-limiting to protect yourself from hackers. Because each component treats all other components like a threat, the system becomes much more secure and resilient.
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Why Your Company Should Outstaff Cloud Based Architecture Services

Stay competitive, reduce operating costs, and provide your customers with the best end-user experience possible. RaiseTech’s cloud architecture professionals offer you the expertise and technical skill to tackle cloud projects of all sizes.

Save Time & Money
Save Time & Money
Experience significant cost savings when you use cloud architecture design services. Pay only for only the services you need, regardless of the cloud provider. RaiseTech will design a solution for your specific needs and automate repetitive and essential processes. This keeps hosting and management costs down while maximizing your site’s performance.
Best DevOps Practices
Best DevOps Practices
Our cloud computing architecture professionals follow DevOps best practices to create consistent, secure, and reliable deployments. We deliver a streamlined experience by practicing continuous development and deployment, automated monitoring, load-balancing, and testing. Trust RaiseTech to do it better in the cloud.
Security by Design
Security by Design
RaiseTech’s specialized knowledge ensures every link in the chain receives the attention required to build a secure and robust solution for your company. Many cloud providers have built-in tools that can be brought to bear against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and intrusion detection, as well as applying the correct permissions for your critical files and data.
Extend Your IT Team
Extend Your IT Team
Augment your in-house development team with our cloud native architecture authorities. Whether you need short-term help building out a new solution or ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and support, RaiseTech’s multidisciplinary experts are available at globally competitive rates to join your team and move your project forward.

Exceptional Client Experience

RaiseTech’s extraordinary team of professionals has experience in cloud architecture, design, DevOps, development, QA, and support. We have a broad background covering a wide range of industries and businesses, and we prioritize strong communication above all else. Let us partner with you to bring your vision to life.

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