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Gone are the days of businesses building out air-conditioned rooms in the office basement with racks of servers, special wiring, siloed electricity, backup batteries and generators, and an army of geeks to keep operations running 24/7. Now, all that can be offloaded to the cloud for a fraction of the price with AWS cloud solutions. Partner with RaiseTech to leverage these best-of-breed services at affordable rates, and watch your business grow.

Why AWS Web Services?

Amazon developed Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their own business needs before offering them to the public. This well-documented collection of tools is designed specifically to work together, allowing businesses to create the IT architecture they need to stay competitive and succeed. Amazon provides solutions to challenges with reliability, redundancy, and scalability that modern-day enterprises face and offers those same services to other companies at very attractive prices (vs. the cost of trying to do it themselves). Essentially, you choose exactly the right mix of AWS tools you need and only pay for what you actually use

  • Security and Redundancy
    Security and Redundancy
    Business success in the 21st century relies on data. Without it, companies can’t develop customer trust or track trends that allow them to stay competitive. Whether it’s the key to corporate strategy or personally identifiable information (PII) from customers, allowing hackers or competitors to access critical data would be a disaster. AWS offers tools like S3 that stores your data across three availability zones. This means Amazon would have to lose three separate data facilities for your information to be lost. And with granular security and permissioning, you can safeguard your data, ensuring that only the customers, partners, and employees that are authorized may access it.
  • Flexibility
    Previously, when businesses would plan for their computing needs, they would have to buy a machine that would work both for their current needs and also remain useful three to five years out. With virtual machines (VM’s), you pay for exactly the amount of computing capacity you need now and then replace it with a bigger one later as needed. With just a few clicks, you can launch any configuration you need, whether it’s optimized for computational, memory, or storage capacity. And you can easily create multiple cheap machines targeted at specific use cases. Even better, AWS has specialized services like Lambda that let you run one-off programs without having to be constantly running a rarely-used VM.
  • Performance and Scalability
    Performance and Scalability
    AWS offers tools that can instantly keep up with your growing business needs. Elastic Load Balancer will seamlessly shift traffic between your AWS servers, ensuring your customers a stellar user experience. CloudFront is Amazon’s global content delivery network (CDN), which puts your files in multiple locations around the globe, ensuring that visitors are downloading it from a location nearest them. Route 53 is a high-performance, affordable DNS routing service that keeps all of your AWS assets connected and ready to go, or private when they are for internal use only. These and other tools let your business grow with ease
  • The AWS Ecosystem
    The AWS Ecosystem
    Amazon provides an ecosystem of complementary tools to suit almost any business need. There are currently eleven different database offerings that handle everything from basic data storage to high performance, sub-millisecond latency, to data warehousing. Monitoring tools, deployment pipelines, and analysis tools are also available from AWS services. All of these products are professionally documented and designed to work together seamlessly, supporting businesses big and small in building a sustainable architecture for future growth. RaiseTech’s AWS experts can help you find the right cloud tools for your project.
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Benefits of Outstaffing Services to a Trusted AWS Solutions Provider

While AWS makes it easy for anyone to get started with just a few clicks, it is still a complex web of services that require a solid understanding of the configuration options and trade-offs between related services. Strengthen your team and improve project outcomes with certified AWS professionals from RaiseTech.

Global Talent Pool
Global Talent Pool
With a wide range of experience across multiple industries, RaiseTech brings a thorough understanding of AWS intricacies and implementations. Poor execution of AWS tools can lead to cumbersome bottlenecks and soaring infrastructure costs. Allow RaiseTech to create the right AWS infrastructure design for your business needs.
Team Augmentation
Team Augmentation
Hiring IT support, especially for short-term projects, can be expensive and time-consuming. RaiseTech’s expertise comes at globally competitive rates. Augment your staff on an as-needed basis. Whether it’s a quick check-up on some nagging performance issues or the soup to nuts roll out of your latest project, RaiseTech has you covered.
Cloud Security
Cloud Security
Cloud-based architecture offers companies an incredible array of flexibility, but it also provides new opportunities for data breaches and privacy violations. Harden your security and data integrity with an experienced team of network and database engineers that can help you roll out a secure solution from the start.
Streamlining Costs
Streamlining Costs
RaiseTech offers you cost-effective outstaffing solutions to address your AWS infrastructure architecture needs. Trust a team with proven experience to help you save money by streamlining your business practices with affordable storage, eliminating redundancy, effective data processing pipelines, and business process automation.

Exceptional Client Experience

RaiseTech offers their clients world-class talent, exceptional communication and project management skills, and a history of successful implementations, all at competitive rates. Let RaiseTech worry about the technical challenges, so you have time to focus on business strategy

  • Discovery & Business Analysis
  • Onboarding & Kickoff
  • Execution

Learn how the right AWS cloud infrastructure saved our clients thousands on unnecessary hardware and software costs, scaled with their growing business, and increased website performance and reliability.

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