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Tackle technical challenges head-on with affordable, on-demand cloud computing resources. RaiseTech’s expert engineers can equip your software with a modern computing infrastructure that speeds up development, simplifies management and maintenance, and scales your application up and down with ease. Buying only the computing power and services you need helps you save money and find more time to focus on your core business.

Delivering Cloud Based Services

DevOps Maintenance & Support
Once your project is live, RaiseTech will be an ongoing partner, monitoring your site for performance problems, security issues, and software bugs. The web is not static. Browsers change, new software versions are released, and companies update their API’s all the time. RaiseTech stays in tune with this dynamic landscape, ensuring your website keeps up with your growing business, instead of becoming its own management headache.
Coordinated Solutions
Development, support services, and infrastructure overlap and coordinate in intricate and important ways. Partnering with a cloud solutions provider that understands how to integrate these related components will help to ensure a successful project, now and into the future.
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Cloud Development Is the Future

Market analysts project continued rapid growth in cloud services over the next ten years, laying the foundation for a booming market worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Companies that craft their cloud growth strategy now will be a step ahead of the competition and ensure a place for their business in the future.

Why Use Cloud Services?

Originally, companies had to become experts in infrastructure management. They had to predict their traffic and bandwidth needs for the worst case (or best case) scenario, and then provision and pay for that highest use-case scenario from the get-go. Oftentimes systems would sit idle when not in use, or the company would experience a sudden spike in traffic and be unable to support the increased load. Today, however, cloud computing operates more like building blocks, allowing you to use only the services you need, without having to become an expert in them. These services can be rapidly scaled up or down with flexible pay-as-you-go consumption models.

Solid Foundation
Mix and match exactly the cloud computing services you need to quickly zero in on the right architecture for your solution. This will provide the redundancy, scalability and resilience you need.
Rapid Development
With the right platform laying the groundwork for your success, developing in the cloud is a breeze. Iterate quickly from concept to final product, focusing on the details that will delight your customers instead of the networking complexities.
Monitoring, autoscaling, and fail-overs to other availability zones ensure that your application stays accessible and performant for your customers. The right choice of cloud services will ensure your application’s reliability for its users.
Saving Time & Money
Cloud solutions providers pool resources among all their customers, creating economies of scale which save you money. Provisioning resources instantly when you need them saves you precious time. It allows you to get what you need, when you need it.
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Our team believes that the right software has the power to transform a business. With offices in St. Louis, MO and Minsk, Belarus, we give clients the best of both worlds - stellar communication and development services at globally competitive prices.

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Alexey Savitsky
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