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Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is quickly becoming the gold standard in modern-day development for companies of all sizes, from early-stage startups to global enterprises. At RaiseTech, we know how to navigate the complex layers associated with SaaS development and work to build innovative solutions that drive traffic, boost sales, and delight users.

Exceptional SaaS Services

SaaS Cloud Services
RaiseTech cloud experts bring years of experience building, configuring, deploying, and maintaining cloud infrastructure to power SaaS solutions. Using popular cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, we tailor cloud solutions in smart, accessible ways to support content-rich software applications and secure sensitive data and information.
Web & Mobile Application Design
Our services support end-to-end web and mobile application development, from ideation to design, development, and deployment, in addition to testing and continued maintenance. We specialize in SaaS ecommerce solutions built on Shopify, BigCommerce as well as custom applications created from scratch using best of breed technologies like Laravel, Vue.js, and React.
SaaS Migration & Integration
Count on RaiseTech team members to seamlessly migrate and integrate your existing application data into a SaaS-based solution. From crafting custom API’s to integrating with ERPs and third-party payment providers, we know how to marry code and coordinate apps in the most efficient and effective ways possible.
DevOps Support
RaiseTech understands that DevOps plays a particularly crucial role in the continuous and reliable delivery of high-quality software-as-a-service. Improving and evolving business processes, IT infrastructure, and the software product itself requires a knowledgeable team with keen attention to development and operations.
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development process

SaaS Development Process

Our development process spans the full lifecycle of a product, from fleshing out the original concept and business requirements all the way to releasing and supporting the final product. No matter what stage your business has reached, RaiseTech is a partner you can count on to get the job done.

Why Use Cloud SaaS Solutions?

As a SaaS development company, we partner with forward-looking clients every day to bring their software vision to life. SaaS solutions leverage the versatility and mobility of the cloud, allowing businesses to service modern-day customers and clients with remarkable user experiences.

Rapid Development
Optimizing resource sharing via the cloud equips our SaaS developers with the unique ability to create, iterate, and adapt software at lightning-fast speeds.
Routing traffic as needed to available zones improves the redundancy and reliability of your front and backend services. This makes software more robust and reliable.
Your SaaS application is always the right size when you can use the cloud to scale services up and down to support varying loads on the system.
Time & Cost Savings
Reduced hardware and licensing costs, on top of near instantaneous deployment of additional resources, saves you time and money (and headaches).
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The RaiseTech Difference

Our team believes that the right software has the power to transform a business. With offices in St. Louis, MO and Minsk, Belarus, we give clients the best of both worlds - stellar communication and development services at globally competitive prices.

“We are providing excellent services while delivering the most wanted customers features for the clients all over world.”

alexey savitsky
Alexey Savitsky
Founder, RaiseTech
  • World-class technical talent
  • Excellent communication and collaboration
  • Reliable software development partners
  • Long-standing experience working with U.S. companies
  • Value-based pricing for a range of services
  • Passionate and committed professionals

Pricing Plans

1-3 months
$10K - $35K
  • Basic design based on a Bootstrap theme
  • Architecture of database and code structure
  • Developing up to 5 web pages
  • Integration with a single payment provider
  • Production code deployment
  • Technical support for 1 month
3-6 months
$35K - $100K
  • Custom Web Design
  • Architecture of database and code structure
  • Coding up to 25 web pages
  • Integration with up to 3 payment providers
  • Basic admin panel
  • REST API up to 10 endpoints
  • Configure cloud infrastructure
  • Deploy on production
  • 24/7 cloud monitoring and support for 6 months
6+ months
  • Custom Web Design
  • Architecture of database and code structure
  • Coding 25+ web pages
  • Unlimited Payment Integrations
  • Custom admin panel
  • REST API 10+ endpoints
  • Configure cloud infrastructure
  • Setting up a multi environment deployment process
  • Deploy on production
  • 24/7 cloud monitoring and support for 1 year
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We love building programs, and seeing our loved ones struggle with this is painful. Showing them how to copy-paste a few example programs and change a few parameters is easy, but bridging from there to building substantial programs is a different game entirely.


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