Cloud Migration Strategy

Are you considering moving your on-premise network or servers to the cloud? Does a new cloud provider offer a unique and compelling service that makes you want to switch platforms? In either case, cloud migration is not a trivial exercise. Engage RaiseTech’s cloud migration consulting services to strategically develop a plan to build the best architecture for your business with the least downtime.

Why Cloud Migration Services?

RaiseTech has extensive experience assisting companies with navigating the “six r’s” of migration: re-host, re-platform, refactor, repurchase, retire, and retain. We can provide a pragmatic yet methodical approach to work through your existing infrastructure, create a detailed migration plan, and execute the migration as seamlessly as possible.

  • Documentation
    It is critically important that you do a complete audit of your current infrastructure, including hardware, software, licenses, security, and permissions. Without this starting point, it is impossible to make intelligent decisions about what to move, when, and how. As part of this documentation, you can identify existing or new KPIs (key performance indicators) that will inform the new service levels that must be achieved post-migration. A common reason for undertaking a cloud migration is because your current infrastructure isn’t meeting your needs. The new architecture should have clearly defined performance goals, such as required network throughput, and you should establish that the cloud platform can meet those goals within budget.
  • Planning
    Once you know what you have, you can make a strategy for how to move it. Some services might work as-is, and you can simply re-host them in their new environment. Others may require modification to some degree (or to substantially reduce cost and complexity). This is referred to as re-platforming. Other services may need to be substantially refactored in order to work in the cloud or replaced with a comparable third-party service. Some percentage of your infrastructure may simply not be needed anymore and can be retired to save money. And finally, you may decide that some of your infrastructure makes more sense where it is, so you want to retain it in place, but make sure it is still accessible by all of the migrated architecture.
  • Execution
    A thorough plan ensures a smooth execution. There will inevitably be some downtime because you have to stop a service in its old location, make sure all the data is moved, and then start it in the new location. Typically you want to plan for this over nights, holidays, or weekends when your business will be minimally affected. Additionally, you will have to decide between moving infrastructure slowly, piece by piece, so that interruptions are minimal and intermittent, or completing the entire operation in one go.
  • Monitoring
    Once the new infrastructure is in place, it needs to be closely monitored to ensure that it is meeting all of your KPIs and performance goals. If staff or customers have unreliable or intermittent access to the new infrastructure, then the cost savings may not outweigh the burden on the user experience. Setting up for success when it comes to security, reliability, and performance is a critical piece in your cloud migration strategy.
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As one of the leading cloud migration companies, RaiseTech is ready to handle your critical IT resources. Our experts have the specialized knowledge and background to make sure each asset is identified, thoroughly documented, and expertly handled.

RaiseTech has helped numerous clients develop a thorough cloud migration strategy. We know what works and what doesn’t and can help you make informed decisions to achieve optimal outcomes.
Breadth of Expertise
Breadth of Expertise
RaiseTech employs staff who have deep familiarity with Google Compute, Azure, and AWS. We can advise you on the right provider or combination of providers for your solutions.
Team Augmentatio
Team Augmentatio
Whether you need a little or a lot of support, RaiseTech can provide the precise mix of specialties you need at competitive rates. Like modern cloud solutions, you can buy only as much support as you need.
Cloud Security
Cloud Security
Cloud migrations present unique security challenges. RaiseTech has the DevOps engineers to safeguard your cloud architecture from unwanted intrusion while delivering ease-of-access to the right people.

Exceptional Client Experience

Cloud migration can be scary if you haven’t successfully done it before. RaiseTech’s dedicated team will help you through every step of the process. We’ll make sure you avoid common mistakes, take advantage of available cost savings, and continue to receive support in your new cloud home.

  • Discovery & Business Analysis
  • Onboarding & Kickoff
  • Execution

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