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We are engineers, architects, and creators who believe the right software has the power to transform a business

Innovative technology solutions give your business the competitive edge - whether it’s modernizing a legacy system, crafting a next-generation ecommerce site, or leveraging cloud technologies for a groundbreaking SaaS application.

In the 21st century, your choice of IT consulting companies is vast. RaiseTech makes it easy.


What Can the Right IT Provider Do for You?


Our IT services company connects with clients every day to learn about the greatest challenges facing their businesses. We know everything from infrastructure issues that lead to a bad user experience, to frustrations working with outsourced teams, to difficulty managing IT needs as traffic and sales grow can cost you time and money.

RaiseTech has built a reputation on being a trustworthy IT service provider. We are committed to the same level of reliable and clear communication as we are our high standard of software development. Beyond basic development and support, our team and IT solutions ultimately help you:

  • Build confidence in your technology products
  • Focus on other mission-critical business needs
  • Stay relevant and competitive
  • Ensure an exceptional user experience
  • Improve the efficiency and productivity of your team

What Does Your Business Need?

As a leading IT development company, our expertise incorporates a range of modern technologies and development solutions. Need custom development and support for your Magento or Shopify site? Done. Need to temporarily scale up your development team to meet resource demand? We’ve got you covered. Need to address slow server speeds, bugs, and frequent downtimes? We’re on it.
Vastly improve your business-critical processes and security with DevOps consulting and support.
Build cutting-edge SaaS applications with the latest cloud technologies and best practices.
Create the online store you’ve always dreamed about or optimize/migrate your existing ecommerce site.
Implement intelligent cloud architecture to facilitate successful cloud migration and app development.
Data Management
Collect, organize, store, and secure sensitive data to protect customers and boost productivity and operational agility.
Our expertise is wide
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The RaiseTech Advantage

Discover an offshore IT solution provider who brings years of experience working with companies big and small to achieve their digital goals. We’ll enhance your software development and IT capabilities to better serve your team members, clients, and customers.
  • Competitive service fee
  • Month to month agreements
  • Fluent English communication
  • Guaranteed standard of service
  • Backup management & disaster recovery
  • After hours support

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Minsk Saint Louis

Logoisky tract 37, Minsk 220090, Belarus

+375 29 307 2647 minsk@raisetech.net

Saint Louis

567 Hanley Industrial Ct, BRENTWOOD, MO 63144, USA

+1 314-583-9865 stl@raisetech.net