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Give your customers an ecommerce experience they’ll never forget. RaiseTech’s team of designers, developers, and marketers offers professional ecommerce development services that transform businesses. Check out our robust menu of monthly ecommerce maintenance and support packages featuring unique and effective ways to engage more customers, increase sales, and grow business.

Exceptional Ecommerce Development Services

Web & Mobile Ecommerce Applications
Modern solutions go far beyond traditional online retail stores these days. An array of industries utilize ecommerce solutions - from digital ordering systems for restaurants to custom SaaS solutions for tech companies to online B2B selling models for manufacturers. The RaiseTech team specializes in developing web and mobile ecommerce applications across multiple industries, putting our in-depth experience and expertise to work for you.
Custom Ecommerce Development
Off-the-shelf e-commerce solutions work for some companies, but when it comes to standing out from the crowd and staying competitive, customization is where it’s at. Create a one-of-a-kind user experience with custom interfaces, personalization services, multi-currency support, cloud integrations, and more. The RaiseTech team can customize sites built on most common ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.
Migration and Integration
If your current ecommerce solution isn’t cutting it, RaiseTech can help you seamlessly migrate your entire site and data to a new platform as well as redesign the entire UI/UX. We can also connect your ecommerce site to critical infrastructure systems like enterprise resource planning (ERPs), product information management (PIMs), and point of sale (POS). This equips your team with a comprehensive suite of tools to expand business in a sustainable way
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Headless Ecommerce Development Solutions

Capture more customer attention and revenue online with high-quality content-driven experiences. RaiseTech can plug in your choice of ecommerce technology on the backend while utilizing a separate frontend technology to deliver next-level content experiences for your customers. This innovative approach, known as “headless ecommerce,” enables companies to grow their organic traffic, diversity their marketing, and lower customer acquisition costs.

Why Use an Ecommerce Development Agency?

Surviving and succeeding in the modern age of ecommerce isn’t easy. Businesses face daily competition from thousands of online stores and social platforms, all competing for the same customers. A dedicated ecommerce development company with a proven track record of success can be your ticket to not just building an online store, but creating an exceptional experience that converts users and drives engagement.

Rapid Development
Whether you’re building an online store from scratch or migrating an existing store, a top-rated ecommerce development company can get your product to market faster with greater precision and fewer bugs.
Rely on our ecommerce pros to ensure your business complies with all regulations and uses best practices to secure sensitive customer data and payment information, manage fraud, and more.
Time & Cost Savings
In software development, time is money. An ecommerce development company can not only save you time in building your online store, but the result of that work will inevitably boost traffic, sales, and revenue.
Make sure your ecommerce store is set up to handle a growth (and sudden spikes) in customer traffic. Plus, seamlessly integrate with key marketing platforms to grow business. RaiseTech can help.
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The RaiseTech Difference

Our team believes that the right software has the power to transform a business. With offices in St. Louis, MO and Minsk, Belarus, we give clients the best of both worlds - stellar communication and development services at globally competitive prices.

“We are providing excellent services while delivering the most wanted customers features for the clients all over world.”

alexey savitsky
Alexey Savitsky
Founder, RaiseTech
  • World-class technical talent
  • Excellent communication and collaboration
  • Reliable software development partners
  • Long-standing experience working with U.S. companies
  • Value-based pricing for a range of services
  • Passionate and committed professionals

Pricing Plans

1-2 months
$10K - $25K
  • A basic design with some customizations
  • Migration of data from an existing system
  • You will be responsible for necessary data entry
  • Configure hosting and deploy to production
  • Technical support for 1 month
2-3 months
$25K - $50K
  • Custom look and feel
  • Assistance with the product catalog creation
  • Installing modules that extend existing functionality
  • Migration of data from an existing system
  • Setting up a staging and production code deployment processes
  • Configure deploy on hosting
  • 24/7 server monitoring and support for 3 months
3-6 months
  • Custom Web Design
  • Assistance with the product catalog creating
  • Custom modules that extend existing functionality
  • Custom features developed
  • Migration of data from an existing system
  • Unlimited custom integrations (e.g ERP)
  • Additional SEO monitoring and advice through the migration process.
  • 24/7 server monitoring and support for 6 months
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We love building programs, and seeing our loved ones struggle with this is painful. Showing them how to copy-paste a few example programs and change a few parameters is easy, but bridging from there to building substantial programs is a different game entirely.


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