Updating the eCommerce platform for SafeVision in 3 months and 35 thousand dollars, which allowed to increase sales and capture a new audience thanks to online store developers


Business context

How did the online store development services from the RaiseTech team increase sales of the leading eyewear manufacturer in the USA by 30%? Read in our B2B eCommerce case study.

SafeVision is one of the largest eyewear eCommerce platforms in the USA

SafeVision is a leading eyewear manufacturer and supplier according to ANSI Z87.1. It has been operating in the US market since 2001. The range of the brand includes over 30 categories of glasses. The main focus of the company's work is the production of corporate glasses, sunglasses, and industrial glasses according to a doctor's prescription. SafeVision contacted RaiseTech in an almost helpless situation: marketing worked, customers liked the brand, but buyers could not place any order on the website due to a lot of bugs in the online store design.

Internal platform problems that affect sales

When our experts began to study the company's business processes, they found that the store's main advantage is selling glasses directly by prescription. This approach completely removed the client's objections like “What if they don’t suit me?”, “What if the glasses aren’t my size?”, or “Will they worsen my vision?”. The automation of the glasses selection following the doctor's prescription via the website is the key to success and sales growth. But then a new problem emerged, the range of products on the website. Only 1 out of 5 users could find the shape of the required glasses in a few clicks. There was a problem with the correct presentation of the product nomenclature to simplify the search. We solved these problems by developing an online store from scratch on the more flexible CMS Magento.

Not just an online store: a comprehensive eCommerce solution considering the specific needs of the manufacturer

For online store development, RaiseTech allocated a team of 5 people:
  • Project Manager, responsible for setting tasks, communication, and reporting during the project implementation.
  • Online store developers (front-end, back-end), responsible for building the functional component of the solution.
  • The designer who formed the visual concept of the website following the general brand book of the company.
  • A tester who assessed the productivity of the new platform against the overall performance requirements of the solution.
The project took 3 months to complete, during which our team was building several functional modules.

Simple and user-friendly product catalog

Several problem areas were found during identifying weaknesses of the website:
  • Troubles in building a product catalog: product data was incorrectly grouped and clustered. It was difficult to sort and present goods on the website and to export the items to the catalog from the customer's database.
  • Problems when ordering items with prescriptions: data on each diopter, color, protection, shape, and other characteristics of glasses were not always saved.
  • Errors when sending the order to the client: when saving the order data for prescription glasses, even after filling in all the characteristics, the user could receive an error notification. Therefore, many users left the store without completing the order.



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RaiseTech specialists completely changed the catalog format to solve these problems. Firstly, they divided product categories according to user requests. Secondly, the developers, together with the designer, have designed a new, simplified order form. The customer could see clear instructions for filling in the data when choosing products with a recipe. Also, an algorithm for saving purchase data using the cart was displayed.

Customer database and customer categories

When working with the product catalog and assessing customer demand, the experts found that the store didn’t meet the needs of a large group of customers, a corporate one. While developing an online store and updating and transferring the database, RaiseTech specialists divided clients into categories for ease of interaction. Also, they added a separate page with an order form for corporate clients. For the correct data displaying, RaiseTech specialists made the following:

  • Put tags and labels for segmenting clients.
  • Added algorithms that generate and maintain documentation for corporate clients.
  • Updated the pricing algorithm for products for corporate clients.
  • Developed MySV, a separate portal page for corporate orders.

Updating the design and simplifying the interface

When analyzing the previous platform, RaiseTech specialists revealed that the interface was overloaded with unnecessary information for the client:

  • On the information pages of the website.
  • On the order page and payment form.
  • In the user's personal account.
  • In the administrator’s / manager's office.

To improve interaction with the online store, the RaiseTech designer completely updated the visual component of the platform, simplified the forms, minimized information, and reduced the number of blocks. So, the client got the opportunity to place an order for the desired product or find commercial data about the company in 2 clicks.

Team performance in 90 days

It took 3 months to prepare a new platform based on Magento and construct all the necessary integrations and synchronizations in conditions of high urgency. The online store development services cost was 35 thousand dollars for the client. But the results of the new website's operation paid off all expenses starting from the 4th month: SafeVision received a 30% increase in orders from the first weeks of operation.

RaiseTech team provided fantastic service by building and supporting our online store! From start to finish, it was a pleasure to work with them. Very reliable and trustworthy team!

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