Cloud Support Packages

We offer ecommerce support services for websites built on Magento and Magento 2.

Our team of in-house designers, developers, marketers and ecommerce experts means we can provide a full menu of monthly ecommerce maintenance and support packages.

The world of ecommerce changes quickly so it’s important to plan your next steps. We can help you identify improvements that are aligned to your business objectives - including increasing traffic, conversions, revenue and improving internal efficiency.

20 hours / month
40 hours / month
from $4000
100+ hours
Services within The Packages
  • Performance and server resource monitoring
  • Automatic Magento Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting/bug fixing
  • Design changes
  • Development & customization
  • Training from a Magento certified expert
  • Magento Security Patches
Blazing fast response when you need it
Severity Description Fix time
Priority# 1 Site unavailable / unable to checkout 1-2 hours
Priority# 2 An issue that is affecting 10% of customers or more 1-2 days
Priority# 3 Any superficial or aesthetic issue that is not affecting transactions 1-2 days
Your Customers, unstoppable

We offer a rapid response to site issues based on the severity of the issue raised. We understand the critical nature of eCommerce and our focus is to fix issues accordingly.

Not only do we react fast when an issue is raised, we proactively monitor your site for signs of issues. With our Enterprise maintenance package we monitor items such as error rates and server capacity to ensure that issues are caught as early as possible, often even before your customers are heavily impacted.

Contact us today to receive a free one-hour consultation call.

Eugene ShancevalovBackend Developer
Frequently Asked Questions
Sounds great. How do I start?

Just select your package and contact us. We will follow up with our Support Agreement, we will sign it and then invoice you for the month in course. Once the payment is received, your support retainer starts. You can choose whether to prepay the entire contract in advance or pay month to month. You will be provided access to a ticketing system, where you will be able to add requests and prioritize them based on urgency. A project manager will then allocate the tickets to a developer who will fix them. At the end of each month, we will send you a monthly report on how the hours were used, and a notification on your agreement renewal date.

What’s the response time?

For support tickets added in the ticketing system, we guarantee to assign and begin execution of Magento support tickets within 8 hours, provided our developers are not actively working on a preceeding ticket of Customer. For tasks marked as urgent, we will provide a critical response time of 4 hours. All support tickets will be solved during AYG days and hours of business operation, Monday to Friday, from 10 AM – 6 PM, EET (Eastern European Time), excluding holidays and national free days. Support requests received after operating hours will be reviewed and assigned the following business day.

What happens if I finish the allocated hours in one month?

In case you require more hours than what’s allocated in your package, if and only we has availability, the difference will be substracted from the next month’s subscription. Should this happen in case you prepaid the entire contract in advance, the difference will be billed separately at a rate of €40/hour.

What if my shop was developed by another company?

No worries! We don’t discriminate on grounds of development parties. After you have selected your support package, we will start the process with a shop audit, in terms of settings, code review, security and performance. We will provide a list of recommendations, which we will deploy once we have your approval.


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