Top 10 SaaS Tools for Startup Business

According to BLS, about 20% of startups and small businesses fail in the first 2 years of operation, 45% will close within 5 years, and 65% of companies will close within 10 years of operation. The owners suggest that such collapse is caused by lack of market research, shallow business planning, lack of funding, weak offline and online marketing, and errors in the scaling. Fortunately, today the market for SaaS solutions allows you to solve all current problems, providing a confident foundation for start-up business development. What are the key services you should pay attention to and why?

Software for business analytics

Saas tools BI is a solution that automates the data collection and visualizes the result of an assessment according to custom selection criteria. Essential factors for small businesses and startups are:

  1. Hosting in the cloud: a tool that does not take up space on your computer and is easy to connect using any device.
  2. Affordable cost: flexible subscription terms or payment for the number of users.
  3. Ease of support: automation of installation, synchronization, and integration with company databases.
  4. Intuitive interface:  ease of learning and using services.
  5. Availability of interactive reports: not just tables and figures, but clear funnels and analytical conclusions.
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Tools for saas startups in business analytics that meet the needs of a growing company:

  • UBIC is an analytics solution that supports multi-channel and cross-platform access with real-time reporting. Flexible algorithms allow you to analyze the databases without exporting them, which significantly simplifies the work with the system.
  • ZOHO is a business analytics service that maintains a history of reports for analyzing the results according to the KPI established by the company. One of the main distinguishing characteristics of the solution is integrating ZOHO as an application or plug-in utility into the company’s work services, such as CRM or ERP.
  • Looker is a 2-in-1 analytics service that can be used both as a platform and as an embedded solution. It differs in that it already has ready-made analysis tools for the requirements of specific industries or departments.

SaaS solutions for business planning

What is Saas tool for business planning? It is not just a tool for distributing tasks by time and date; it is a fully functional “organizer” that allows you to optimize work from the moment of visualization of a product idea to a full-scale launch of a startup. Possibilities which are recommended to pay attention:

  1. Financial planning:  the ability to distribute the budget for the tasks and activities of the startup.
  2. Work schedule: functions of limiting work by time with reminders.
  3. Cycle of the assignment: tracking progress towards achieving goals and objectives.
  4. Cloud infrastructure: access to the application from anywhere in the world.
  5. Teamwork: the introduction of additional users with the ability to involve them to work.

Saas tools for business, which meet the specified criteria:

  • ASANA is a flexible solution that allows you to optimize planning in various business niches and departments of the company and increase the productivity of both an individual specialist and the whole company. One of the exciting functions is the distributing roles and responsibilities for a project according to the SCRUM methodology and Agile principles.
  • Mavenlink is a SaaS service that allows you to optimize work, resources, interaction, accounting, or analytics for a project with the ability to integrate with other applications. One of the main advantages is the unconditional visualization of all data entered into the system.
  • Float is a universal scheduler that combines resource control and multi-channel project management functions. The main feature is a customized application for Android and iOS.
  • TeamGantt is an online planning service based on the principles of Gantt charts, which allows you to control the optimal workload during the implementation of the project and predict the real achievements of the team at every stage of work. One of the benefits of project collaboration is the ability to share files directly in the service.

Marketing Automation Software

Top saas tools for marketing are solutions that will allow you to combine all marketing campaign management tools for various communication channels with the audience under one platform. And for startups, the most important will be the following opportunities:

  1. Automation: the ability to pre-configure processes with the maximum release of time for other tasks.
  2. Omnichannel: control of all digital channels in a single system interface.
  3. Analytics: tracking progress across all campaigns with distribution across the funnel.
  4. Openness with integration: the ability to combine a solution with other tools and systems.

Best Saas tools for startups that meet the requirements:

  • HubSpot combines all marketing tools and data on the website, social networks, and chatbots with resource allocation, funnel visualization, and analytics. The critical difference of the platform is its tight connection to the CRM system: both to databases and financial reports on the investment profitability.
  • Marketo Engage is a marketing automation system aimed at developing, building, and optimizing a strategy for engaging an audience in communication channels. One of the key features is working with each channel separately and optimizing the funnel for all traffic sources.
  • Autopilot is a Saas service that allows you to build a sales and marketing funnel from scratch based on customer experience analysis. What’s really important for startups and small businesses is having marketing funnel templates to get started and minimize mistakes.

If you are starting your business way, these tools due to their availability and versatility, will allow you to make the first steps easier and faster, as they are based on the success stories of thousands of startups.

Haven’t you found a suitable tool? The SaaS service agency will create the best tool for your business tasks or optimize basic boxed solutions for the unique requirements of your company. Our experts are always ready to answer your questions.

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