The Best Cloud Services For Business

Business Cloud Services

Long ago, companies picked up the trend of IT infrastructure migration to the cloud environment since this technology makes it possible to quickly build information interaction both inside the enterprise and with customers. Cloud business development expands rapidly: new providers appear on the market every day. Today, companies that want to develop an online store are thinking about which cloud service is better to choose. In this article, RaiseTech experts will detail the 10 best cloud business solutions. 

TOP 10 cloud services for business

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Millions of customers use the services of this most famous cloud storage provider every day. The environment contains more than two hundred full-featured services for information processing points worldwide. Many startups claim that this platform helped them reduce store development cost.

Microsoft Azure 

The service was born more than 10 years ago, and now it is constantly being improved. Various services can be run in the cloud and combined with applications or other infrastructure. Users may select the necessary functions for specific tasks of different areas of business. Entering data into the cloud is fast, thanks to the Azure Migration Center. The app is compatible with devices that support Linux.


It is a service that provides cloud servers for small businesses and large corporations. SAP is great for working with spreadsheets across multiple devices. This solution contains a large set of tools for working with online accounting. You can make changes to files directly from your smartphone. 


The technology allows users to not only share files but also add comments to documents or folders. The history of all actions is recorded and available for review by administrators. Visitors can choose the volume of storage and the type of payment. It is also possible to make a single lifetime payment. Each user can write a specific name in a correspondent field to denote necessary files. 


This app allows you to save data backups on the Internet and protect them from possible system failures. Another feature is the possibility to share access to materials with colleagues or partners. Users can work simultaneously in common files and protect them. Dropbox provides servers for small businesses, individual users, and big enterprises. 


The service is a Microsoft product and a built-in environment in Windows, so it integrates perfectly with all the developer’s programs. The system includes all business-critical functions: storage, sharing, or common usage. This low-cost service meets security requirements and ensures reliable operation for the company. 

Google Drive

The system is extremely popular in the field of business cloud services. It is a set of tools for storing information that was developed by the Google company. It simplifies public access to documents and allows editing files simultaneously by several users. The environment integrates with Microsoft Office, PDF, CAD, and other products. In addition, there is a built-in website designer and a mobile application. 


Apple has released its own storage, which allows you to access files from any device. Users have the opportunity to work with integrated applications and change passwords from different computers. The backup and restore functions provide users with the ability to store their files more securely. IOs owners can download the app of the same name.


The system is the market leader in adaptive corporate file services and has proven itself a cloud server for small businesses. A single specialist can control file sharing processes. The product is famous for its reliable encryption protection system. The simple interface of the environment allows new users to quickly and conveniently navigate in it. 


It is a cloud that helps you structure and store documents, photos, and other files. The service works great on all devices, and the data is protected by a reliable security system. The product offers built-in integration with Office 365 and G Suite. Also, there is a mobile application that allows you to work with documents on the road or far from home. 

RaiseTech offers cloud infrastructure management services and can help you with Magento online store development. We also deal with other frameworks for creating business platforms. Contact us right now, and our experts will advise you in detail about business cloud services and answer all your questions!

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